Deborah Stodel

It may take days or months, a year or two even, but with enough support and consistent input, I believe these children can learn a whole lot, more than we can conceive for them, sometimes. – Kirsten Miller

Working with Clients

People with Autism need empathy, structure and predictability, visual support and a particular style of intervention. In order to learn, we need to feel safe.

I start with play based activities and try to find what motivates or interests a particular child. I offer alternative or augmentative forms of communication such as gestures, pictures and iPad communication.

I prefer to work with parents or carers in the therapy room and believe that especially when working with people with Autism, families should be involved in the therapeutic process wherever possible.

Our goals should be to develop a person’s best potential and help them to be as independent and happy as possible.

Autism is treatable and identification, intervention, parent support, knowledge and understanding can improve the quality of life for all people with Autism and their families.